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7 Questions to Help Choose a Laguna Beach Hotel

There are so many choices to make when deciding where to go on vacation and we are happy that you have chosen to take yours in Laguna Beach! The next choice is: which hotel??? Well obviously, we want you to come stay with us; however, we want to be sure that you choose the hotel that is right for you, so we are going to ask you a few questions that might help guide you in the right direction!

Q1: Are you looking for beachfront, oceanfront, or ocean view?
Yes, there is a difference!

Our hotel is right on the beach, so if you want a room that overlooks both the beach and the ocean, you will want a beachfront room that features a magnificent 100% view of both the ocean and beach.

Our oceanfront rooms are the perfect choice for a getaway and unrivaled relaxation with a stunning 100% view of the ocean and a balcony where you can enjoy iconic sunset backdrops of the Pacific Ocean.

Oceanview means that you will have a view of the ocean, but it does not tell you how far away from the beach you are. We are right on the beach, so our oceanview rooms have a great view, but be sure to ask if you aren’t sure.

Remember, if beachfront is what you want, you won’t be happy with ocean view! Knowing the difference will help you make the right choice.

Q2: Is cost a consideration?
If not, lucky you! However, for most people, it is, so you will want to look for a hotel that falls within your price range and then get a quote to make sure that price includes all fees and taxes.

If you are driving, be sure to ask if parking is included. If it is not, ask if the hotel is offering any vouchers on free or discounted parking.

If you need Wi-Fi, ask if that is included; again, if it is not, ask to have it included. Tell them you won’t book a room that doesn’t come with Wi-Fi.

Always ask about special offers and promotions or special deals for certain credit cards or memberships. Just ask, it can’t hurt! Be sure to sign up for our email list to get notified when we have a special offer!

Our resort fee includes Wi-Fi internet, local calls, chairs and umbrella on the beach, parking, bottled water in the room, fitness center access and 24-hour Starbucks coffee in the lobby.

Q3: Do you want to be near the boardwalk, local restaurants and shopping?
If so, we are just a mile south of Main Beach and close to several five-star restaurants, art galleries, and museums. 

Q4: Are you bringing your family?
If you’re traveling with a family, you definitely want to make sure that your kids are welcome! (We love families!) Ask about cribs, kitchenettes, connecting rooms, etc.

Q5: Are you bringing your pets?
If so, you will want to make sure you are staying at a pet-friendly hotel. Our hotel can accommodate pets under 25 lb ($150 per stay, additional charge for extended stays).

Q6: Do you need connecting rooms or access to meeting rooms?
We have them here! Please call 800-225-4551 for details.

Q7: Are you arriving during off hours or do you need a late checkout?
Be sure to ask if someone will be available when you arrive and find out if late checkout is a possibility. Our front desk is available 24 hours to accommodate you.

Have we asked you all the right questions? If you think of others, please give us a call at 949.494.6533 or 800.225.4551 to speak with our attentive, courteous staff who are ready to answer all of your questions to help you plan a memorable vacation or weekend getaway here in Laguna Beach, California!